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Today many people say that they are 'into spiritualism and esoteric' and try to find the truth having little or no knowledge and understanding of what spiritualism or esoteric is about.

If you stumble upon my site a small collection of coincidences has lead you to read this lines.

Ask yourself the question: Did you have strange occurrences no one could explain?

Because sometimes this coincidences show up like confetti sprinkling in your life, they feel like shimmering little gifts bestowed upon you to give you a push in the right direction.

Perhaps you have a feeling that there is something 'out there', something beyond the mundane?

Or perhaps you are seeking something more than what the rest of society seems content with ignorance or superficial knowledge.

I won't offer you a easy way out or a quick fix to your problems. All I can offer is a way for you to understand from where all it comes and a way to protect yourself using astrology reports, tarot card reading, crystals, talismans and rituals.

The principles i guide myself on the road of life are :

Nihil Sine Deo (Nothing without God)

Nosce Te Ipsum (Know Thyself)

 People want to be happy or at least to find a way to be close of happiness.

What is happiness? one may ask.

Happiness can be many and very little is needed to be happy.

Happiness can be looking at the sky and wonder of its beauty and hugeness, the feeling that you are not alone in this world and you are loved.

Happiness can be the very short moment when your child is smiling at you and knowing you are in this world to love him and protect him.

Happiness is giving, this is the easiest way to get closer of happiness. Giving a smile, a loving word, help for those in need, guidance for those lost.

Happiness comes from within

and has nothing to do with your wealth and the size of your bank account, although having money can be of help.

One of most sure ways to get closer to happiness and to experience it more is to know yourself, love yourself and to look permanently to advance and empower your body, mind and spirituality.

Body, mind and spirituality might apparently be of different essence but on the way of accumulating more knowledge on yourself and of surrounding existence, you will find more an more evidence of the unity of all existence and that the Source Of all Things material and spiritual is only one.

Is well known that you need to take care and nourish all three sides of your existence:

  • your body with healthy food,
  • your mind with knowledge
  • and your spirituality with love.
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